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[GTA V] Screen of September 2017

Hi Guys! Today is today and past is past. Yeah i broke again my Hard Drive. Also my Very valuable files on my External Hard Drive. R.I.P 2013 - 2017 :-( I f***in so idiot why i opened the sealed. And also i didnt backup the files since the cable was cut off before the day i opened my HD. Meehhh. Anyway move-on. And i bought another HD and External HD so i will take care as long as good.  So what. Here we go again. Worst place in the world. Rollin heights Balla count... what? Okay enough. Since i bought GTA V. Heres my Snapmatic Photos.

Ill resume my WIP Mods in GTA SA As Soon As Possible. Well kthxbai! :-)

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