[W.I.P] Peugeot 908 [Ingame]

eeeem.? i cant fix this crap.

heres the pics.

hmmm... looks legit.
i dunno why this car was flip after spawn

I need help.


  1. I Think you have problem on Pivot, do you know ? every object in the car (eg. door, wheels) have it own pivot..
    On yours, the pivot is not in the center of dummy..

    1. hmm no. i dunno what is pivot , but after seen this car i use ZModeler and seems no problem looks not flip this car so i will need fix this... but how?

  2. superdrophead,can you convert the gta vice city car jgtc to gta sa.please.all of the jgtc car in the gta inside

    1. Sure, but soon. :) i need to finish the other WIP cars and i have a exams tomorrow before i convert the mods in GTAinside the GTA vice city car JGTC. :)


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