Good News and Bad News

So now im back for making again models.

About Good news.
So i have Nice models and improving my works.
I tried all lights, screen, making PJ, etc and its success...
but about ImVehFT im not sure because its very impsossible to put turn indicators,
wipers, dirty cars, etc...
Some dummies are not work. like wipers.

About Bad News
Okay... i working for mods but the School day is coming. :-S
next week is the school day. im not make too much mods .
Im sure about 2 - 3 weeks release my mods...
and every saturday and sunday my off day.

About others.
I change the List of mods because i forgot the other models so
 i see about Keisuke's Blog and he gives a free nice models from Forza.

I add some pictures from my game.

ENBseries setting by me ;-)
Real own ENB by Marty Mcfly latest enb version

So thats all.

Enjoy my pictures. :D :D :D


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